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18 December 2013

And while we're on the subject of Christmas: Cheryl Billing Smith

Not quite a quilt but Cheryl sent us a photo of some of the 24 Christmas Bon Bons that she made for her Christmas presents this year.

Christmas Quilts: Helen Turner

Helen Turner, Christmas Quilt
I made this a number of years ago from a commercial pattern - the details of which escape me at the moment. However ,it was beautifully custom quilted by Robyn McHardy of Sunshine Quilts.

This hangs in my front room every year for about a month and the many iron-on sparkles look fabulous by the Tree lights. The photo doesn't do the colours justice, but I just love it.

Christmas Quilts: Glenice Bust

My quilt of Christmas blues goes on my sofa during the decorations period.
I had a thing for Christmas fabrics in blue for a while!

Glenice Bust, Christmas quilt
You can see more of Glenice's quilts on her blog.

Christmas Quilts: Sue Maynard

This is a little wall hanging. It's not actually as shiny as the photo suggests -the flash on the camera picked up the silver in the fabric.
Sue Maynard, Christmas quilt

13 December 2013

Christmas Quilts: Glenice Bust

This quilt was made from a swap of Dresden Christmas Plates and added to over a few years.   
I ran out of fabric for the centres, but I was able to source the Battenberg lace doylies. It was custom quilted by The Quilting Bug, Natalie, in Hoppers Crossing. It is Queen Bed sized.

09 December 2013

Christmas Quilts: Fran Cox

This yellow and blue Christmas quilt is a Mystery Quilt I designed and ran for the Mystery Quilt group; it is MQ # 11.
Fran Cox, Mystery Quilt

The square quilt was made from blocks 'won' at Launceston Patchworkers and Quilters. This quilt is very dear to me, as I hand quilted at my mother's bedside in the last weeks of her life.
Fran Cox, Christmas blocks
The row by row was done with others in LPQ. I did 2 rows for this one, so it all went together.
Fran Cox, Christmas Row by Row

20 November 2013

Cobblestones swap: Fran Williams

Fran Williams Cobblestones 1

A lot of blocks from the Bright Cobblestones swap, plus some I made myself.

Fran Williams Cobblestones 2
Fran Williams Cobblestones 3

Fran Williams, Cobblestones 4

Fran Williams, Cobblestones 5
I added a black and white border  around each block.
All these quilts were donated to Cancer Support Services to be given to teenagers.